Basilic Fly Studio SME IPO GMP, Price, Date, Details 2023

About the Company

Basilic Fly Studio Limited came into existence in 2013. Over the years, they’ve built a strong reputation in the industry by teaming up with different production houses and collaborating with well-known VFX companies and studios. This approach has really helped them make their mark.

You know, in the world of VFX, it’s pretty common for studios to reach out to specialized teams for certain tasks. These teams are experts with all the right skills, tools, and tech needed to handle big VFX projects. Basilic Fly Studio Limited tapped into this trend and raked in significant earnings from various VFX companies and studios.

Their main focus is all about offering reliable, budget-friendly, top-notch VFX shooting services at prices that can compete in the US and European markets. What’s cool is that they’re super flexible and can handle projects of any size, whether they’re small or massive. Plus, they’re quick on the turnaround and can easily scale up, which really adds value to what they do in the long run.

They’ve got this talented crew of creative folks who are pros at managing all sorts of VFX production tasks. This ensures that they churn out high-quality content that meets industry standards and satisfies their clients.

The objective of Basilic Fly Studio SME IPO:

The Company aims to utilize the Net Proceeds of the Fresh Issue to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Setting Up Studios: Allocations for establishing a studio/facility in Hyderabad and Salem.
  2. Infrastructure Enhancement: Funds directed towards reinforcing the current facilities/offices in Chennai and Pune, bolstering their capabilities.
  3. Workspace Expansion: Investments infused into subsidiaries through equity, aimed at expanding workspace. This involves procuring new office space in London and fortifying existing facilities/offices in Vancouver.
  4. General Corporate Usage: Budget provisions for the general operational needs of the company.
  5. Issuance Costs: Resources allocated for managing expenses associated with issuing financial instruments.

These financial allocations represent the diverse areas where resources are being channeled to support growth, improve infrastructure, and enhance the overall corporate framework.

Basilic Fly Studio SME IPO useful information

Basilic Fly Studio SME IPO Lot Size

IPO ActivityDate
Issue Price₹92.00-97.00 
Market Lot:1200 Shares
1 Lot Amount:₹ 116400
Min Small HNI Lots(2-10 Lakh):2400 shares (2 lots)
Min Big HNI Lots(10+ Lakh):10800 shares (9 lots)

Basilic Fly Studio SME IPO Dates

IPO ActivityDate
IPO Open Date01-09-2023
IPO Close Date05-09-2023
Basis of Allotment
Finalization Date*
Refunds Initiation*
Credit of Shares
to Demat Account*
IPO Listing Date*11-09-2023
*Dates are tentative.

Basilic Fly Studio SME IPO Details

IPO Issue Price:₹92.00-97.00 Per Share
DRHP:Download DRHP
RHP:Download RHP
IPO Listing At:BSE, NSE
Retail Quota:Not less than 35% of the Net Issue
IPO Issue Type:Book Build Issue
IPO Issue Size:₹66.35 Cr
Fresh Issue:₹60.53 Cr
Face Value:₹10 Per Equity Share
IPO Discount:TBD
Promoter Holding Pre IPO:85.42%
Promoter Holding Post IPO:

Basilic Fly Studio SME IPO GMP Trend

GMP DateGMPEstimated Listing PriceLast Updated Time
28-08-2023150₹247 (154.64%)28-Aug-2023 11:00 PM
29-08-2023150₹247 (154.64%)29-Aug-2023 11:00 PM
30-08-2023150₹247 (154.64%)30-Aug-2023 02:00 PM
31-08-2023180₹277 (185.57%)31-Aug-2023 11:00 PM
01-09-2023275₹372 (283.51%01-Sep-2023 11:00 PM
04-09-2023240337 (247.42%)04-Sep-2023 8:00 PM
05-09-2023225322 (231.96%)05-Sep-2023 9:00 PM
06-09-2023240337 (247.42%)06-Sep-2023 02:00 PM
07-09-2023230327 (237.11%)07-Sep-2023 09:00 PM
08-09-2023235332 (242.27%)07-Sep-2023 09:00 PM
11-09-2023230327 (237.11%)11-Sep-2023 02:00 PM

Basilic Fly Studio SME IPO Live Subscription (NSE + BSE)

DayQIBNIISNII (Below ₹10L)BNII(Above ₹10L)RIITotal
11st Sep 20237.18x27.37x50.44x33.17x
24th Sep 202316.14x121.48x214.10x137.69x
35th Sep2023116.34x549.44x415.22x358.60x

Basilic Fly Studio SME Past Financials

March 2023 March 2022 March 2021
Operations 7,866.74 2,515.84 1,727.07
Other Income 28.41 12.94 3.86
Total Income 7,895.15 2,528.78 1,730.93
Employee 1,752.28 1,249.30 729.69
Direct 2,131.17 1,077.00 818.22
Finance 68.54 8.5 18.34
Depreciation 56.03 28.3 44.29
Other 136.82 32.62 67.77
Total 4,144.84 2,395.72 1,678.31
Before Tax 3,750.31 133.06 52.62
Tax (Total) 960.20 41.69 19.97
Minority Interest 16.09 1.27
For the Year 2,774.02 90.10 33.65

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