Jyoti CNC Automation IPO: latest GMP, Date, Price, Review, and Details

About the Company

  • Jyoti CNC Automation is a name synonymous with precision and innovation in the world of metal cutting. Established in 1991, the company has grown to become a leading manufacturer of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines in India, holding the second-largest market share domestically and ranking 12th globally.
  • Since its inception, the company has grown manifold from manufacturing gear boxes for machines to developing precision all-geared head lathe machines. Later on, Jyoti has identified a shift from conventional machines to highly sophisticated CNC machines.
  • The company competes at a global level and supplies CNC machines to Romania, France, Poland, Belgium, Italy, and the United Kingdom through Huron’s established dealer network and also has 29 sales and service centres.
  • The company has plants located at GIDC, Metoda, RAJKOT – Gujarat, having a large capacity of manufacturing the machines equipped with a foundry, sheet metal shop, paint shop, sub-assembly and assembly lines, and a repair facility.
  • ISRO and Tata Advanced System are also among its noted vendors.
  • The Jyoti CNC Automation IPO is a good opportunity for investors to participate in the growth of the Indian aerospace market. The IPO is open for subscription from January 9 to 11, 2024.
Company Website: https://https://jyoti.co.in/

Primary Business of the company:

Jyoti CNC Automation occupies a prominent position in the global metal cutting CNC machine landscape. In India, the company stands tall as the third-largest player, capturing roughly 10% of the market share in the fiscal year 2023 (source: F&S Report). On a global level, Jyoti CNC ranks thirteenth, commanding a share of 0.4% in the calendar year 2022 (source: F&S Report). Within India, the company further cements its leadership by being the foremost manufacturer of simultaneous 5-Axis CNC machines. Jyoti CNC boasts a diverse portfolio of CNC machines, catering to various needs with offerings like turning centers, turn-mill centers, vertical and horizontal machining centers.

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The products & services offered by the company:

Jyoti CNC Automation products and services include:

The objective of Jyoti CNC Automation IPO:

The objective of the Jyoti CNC Automation IPO, as per the RHP, is to raise ₹1000 crores through a fresh issue of equity shares and an offer for the sale of existing equity shares.

The proceeds from the IPO will be used for the following purposes:

  • Repayment of borrowing
  • Funding long-term working capital requirements of the Company
  • General corporate purposes

The IPO of Jyoti CNC Automation is being offered at a price band of Rs. 315-331 per share. The issue opens on January 9, 2024, and closes on January 11, 2024. The company is targeting to raise Rs. 1,000 crore through the IPO.

useful information

Jyoti CNC Automation IPO Lot Size

IPO ActivityDate
Issue Price315-331
Market 1 Lot:45 Shares
1 Lot Amount:14895
Min Small HNI Lots(2-10 Lakh):14 Lots
Min Big HNI Lots(10+ Lakh):68 Lots

Jyoti CNC Automation IPO Dates

IPO ActivityDate
IPO Open Date09-01-2024
IPO Close Date11-01-2024
Basis of Allotment
Finalization Date*
Refunds Initiation*15-01-2024
Credit of Shares
to Demat Account*
IPO Listing Date*16-01-2024
*Dates are tentative.

Jyoti CNC Automation IPO Details

IPO Issue Price:315-331 Per Share
DRHP:Download DRHP
RHP:Download RHP
IPO Listing At:NSE, BSE
Retail Quota:Not more than 10% of the Net Issue
IPO Issue Type:Book Build Issue
IPO Issue Size:₹1,000 Cr
Fresh Issue:₹1,000 Cr
Face Value:₹2 Per Equity Share
Promoter Holding Pre IPO:72.66 %
Promoter Holding Post IPO:

Key risks

The key risks associated with the Jyoti CNC Automation IPO include:

  1. Losses in past: Company has incurred losses and consequently, had a negative return on equity in the past.
Jyoti CNC Automation Past Financials

2. Not long term contracts: By their very nature, though, CNC machines are not consumer products and, therefore, we do not, generally, have repeat customers on an annual

3. High debt: Comany has high debt currently and if they do not generate sufficient amount of cash flows from operations, our liquidity and our ability to service our indebtedness could be adversely affected.

Jyoti CNC Automation Past Financials

4. The company has delayed in the payment of statutory dues in the past.

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Jyoti CNC Automation Past Financials

Jyoti CNC Automation Restated Consolidated Statement of Assets and Liabilities (in ₹ million)

ParticularsAs at September 30, 2023March 31, 2023March 31, 2022March 31, 2021
Non-current assets
– Property, Plant and Equipment2,829.372,689.022,745.552,991.55
– Capital work-in-progress150.3082.798.97510.89
– Right of Use Assets0.060.060.360.86
– Intangible assets130.30141.60179.12219.75
– Intangible assets under development83.6171.0145.8126.37
– Financial assets: – Investments34.7633.8819.5818.55
– Financial assets: – Other financial assets17.89100.4749.76118.92
– Other non-current assets263.26240.78243.89107.76
Total non-current assets3,509.553,359.613,293.043,994.65
Current assets
– Inventories8,683.498,199.196,340.416,447.06
– Financial assets: – Trade receivables1,331.231,458.782,001.902,166.40
– Financial assets: – Cash and equivalents86.05160.9224.44101.15
– Financial assets: – Other balances with bank209.19121.97201.21123.47
– Financial assets: – Loans31.1759.3048.5147.22
– Financial assets: – Other financial asset2,539.201,410.72331.40513.31
– Other current assets628.45336.38587.25488.66
– Current tax asset (net of provision)42.3246.9434.20
Total current assets13,551.1011,794.209,569.319,887.27
TOTAL ASSETS17,060.6515,153.8112,862.3513,881.92
– Equity share capital391.51329.29294.79294.79
– Compulsory convertible preference shares entirely in Equity Nature3.93
– Other equity2,133.29491.35116.74831.07
Total equity2,528.73820.63411.541,125.86
Non-current liabilities
– Financial liabilities: – Borrowings1,042.911,274.651,402.631,194.28
– Provisions130.32127.78121.67233.02
– Deferred tax liabilities (net)202.37202.11207.80207.16
Total non-current liabilities1,375.601,604.541,732.101,634.46
Current liabilities
– Financial liabilities: – Borrowings7,171.137,075.096,518.946,056.89
– Trade payables – Micro & Small enterprises21.4617.907.2812.13
– Trade payables – Other than Micro & Small enterprises3,570.424,112.012,946.333,107.08
– Other financial liabilities480.33397.58308.80629.01
– Other current liabilities1,695.70978.32857.351,299.68
– Provisions17.8317.4018.1416.81
– Current Tax Liabilities199.45130.3461.87
Total current liabilities13,156.3212,728.6410,718.7111,121.60
TOTAL EQUITY AND LIABILITIES17,060.6515,153.8112,862.3513,881.92

Jyoti CNC Automation Restated Consolidated Statement of Profit and Loss (in ₹ million)

Particulars6-Month Period Ended Sep 30, 202312-Month Period Ended Mar 31, 202312-Month Period Ended Mar 31, 202212-Month Period Ended Mar 31, 2021
– Revenue from operations5,098.229,292.597,464.875,800.59
– Other Income7.07233.4135.74100.33
TOTAL INCOME5,105.299,526.007,500.615,900.92
– Cost of materials consumed952.876,795.304,187.804,638.57
– Changes in inventories of finished goods and work-in-progress1,756.97(1,469.17)9.05(1,449.02)
– Employee benefits expense903.261,662.401,418.361,313.86
– Finance costs491.85897.02821.99755.12
– Depreciation and amortization expense156.01336.18357.86377.84
– Other expenses741.111,330.281,123.04980.28
TOTAL EXPENSES5,002.079,552.017,918.116,616.65
Profit before tax and exceptional items103.22278.50(417.50)(715.73)
Exceptional Items
– Profit on Waiver of Loan304.50
PROFIT BEFORE TAX103.22278.50(417.50)(715.73)
Current tax70.00135.8065.00
Prior Period/Year Tax0.50
Deferred tax(0.30)(8.40)0.50(15.44)
PROFIT FOR THE PERIOD / YEAR33.52150.60(483.00)(700.29)
Other Comprehensive Income
– Foreign Currency Translation Reserve-78.10-45.39
– Remeasurement gains/(losses) on post-employment defined benefit plans2.2310.90(0.49)(3.01)
– Income tax relating to items that will not be reclassified to profit or loss(0.56)(2.70)0.090.76
Total Other Comprehensive Income/(loss)1.678.20(78.50)(47.64)
Total Comprehensive Income for the Period / Year35.19158.80(561.50)(747.93)
Earnings per share (of ₹ 2)
– Basic0.19**1.02(3.28)(4.75)
– Diluted0.19**1.02(3.28)(4.75)


When does the Jyoti CNC Automation IPO open and close?

the Jyoti CNC Automation IPO is open from 9th JAnuary to 11th January 2024.

What is the allotment date for the Jyoti CNC Automation IPO?

The allotment date for Jyoti CNC Automation IPO is 12th January 2024..

What is the listing date for the Jyoti CNC Automation IPO?

The Jyoti CNC Automation IPO will be listed on the 16th January 2024..

What is the price band for Jyoti CNC Automation IPO?

the price band for Jyoti CNC Automation IPO is Rs. 315-331.

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