IndusInd pinnacle credit card review: Review, Charges and application process


IndusInd pinnacle credit card is a premium credit card designed for high spenders. This card is launched for people who want to experience a luxurious lifestyle from playing in lush golf courses to staying in luxurious Oberoi hotels.

In this post, we will discuss everything, from fees to benefits and pros and cons, about this card. 

Overview of IndusInd pinnacle credit card

Earlier joining fee for IndusInd pinnacle credit card used to be Rs. 50,000 but after covid pandemic, IndusInd bank has reduced this joining fee to Rs. 15,000.

Card category Premium credit card
Reward rate 0.75 – 1.87%
Annual feeRs. 15,000 + GST
Best useOnline shopping 
Best featureReward points can be credited to statement

Fee and charges

Joining feeRs. 15,000 + GST
Welcome BenefitUpto Rs.15,000 Voucher
Renewal / Annual FeeNil
Late payment feeUp to Rs.100- Nil
Rs.101 to Rs.500- Rs.100
Rs.501 to Rs.1,000- Rs.350
Rs.1,001 to Rs.10,000- Rs.550
Rs.10,001 to Rs. 25,000- Rs.800
Rs. 25,001 to Rs. 50,000- Rs. 1,100
Above Rs. 50,000- Rs. 1,300

There is no annual / renewal fee for the IndusInd pinnacle credit card which comes as huge relief to users.

You’ll receive a welcome gift in the form of a Gyftr Electronic Gift Voucher (EGV). With it, you can get vouchers from various brands like Myntra, Swiggy, Ola, Uber, and others. These brand options may change.

In simple terms, you’ll get vouchers equal to the membership fee, but there’s an extra Rs. 2700 for GST. The good news is, if you spend Rs. 1 Lakh, you can easily cover this GST expense.

Please note that starting from February 27, 2021, the welcome gift has changed. Now, you’ll get Rs. 12,000 for online vouchers and Rs. 15,000 for offline vouchers.

Rewards and benefits

E-commerce transactions₹ 100 spent = 2.5 reward points
E-com travel and airline transactions₹ 100 spent = 1.5 reward points
PoS, MoTo, IVR transactions and standing instructions₹ 100 spent = 1 reward point
  • 1 Reward point = Rs. 0.75 (Minimum number of reward points required for redemption = 500) 
  • Reward points can also be converted to airline miles (Mimimum number of rewards points required for conversion to airline miles = 500) 

Welcome Benefits:

If you apply for the IndusInd pinnacle credit card you will get the following welcome benefits:

  • 1 room night at Oberoi hotels
  • A priority pass membership for you and your partner
  • 2 complimentary golf games and 4 golf lessons once a month. Click here to book your complimentary Golf Games and lessons.
  • BookMyShow movie tickets: Buy one and get the second one free up to Rs 200. Valid 3 times/month.
  • Complimentary IndusInd Bank Exclusive Savings Account with no minimum balance requirement.
  • 24*7 Concierge
  • 24*7 Auto Assist
  • 1% Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Lounge access:

  • Domestic lounge access: 1 complimentary visit/calendar quarter with Mastercard
  • International Airport Lounge Access: 2 complimentary visits/calendar quarter with Priority Pass
  • List of eligible lounges

Auto assist service:

In case of vehicle breakdown IndusInd pinnacle credit card gives you auto assist service. Auto Assist offers the following services:

  • Roadside repair service: In the event that your vehicle breaks down on the road due to any mechanical/electrical failure, Auto Assist will arrange for a mechanic to repair your vehicle at the location.
  • Emergency fuel supply: In case if you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, Auto Assist will arrange to deliver fuel (up to five liters) to your location to get you to the nearest fuel station.
  • Flat tyre service: If you have a flat tyre, Auto Assist will arrange for a mechanic to come and repair or replace the tyre.
  • Lost keys: Locked yourself out of your car? Or misplaced/lost your car keys? No reason to worry, Auto Assist can arrange for a locksmith to come and make a new car key or open your car door for you.
  • Battery service: Is your car battery dead or malfunctioning? Once again, Auto Assist will come to your rescue. We can arrange for a service provider to come to the spot and fix your battery issue.
  • Emergency towing assistance: In case of a breakdown wherein your car needs to be towed, Auto Assist will arrange for a towing service to tow your car to a garage for repair.
  • Accident management and medical assistance: In the event of an accident or emergency, Auto Assist can help you by coordinating important activities such as emergency message transmission, arranging for emergency medical assistance, and towing of vehicle.
  • Auto Assist services are available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, and Kolkata.
  • For further details please call the concierge desk at 1860 267 7777.

Travel Insurance:

With the IndusInd pinnacle credit card you get complimentary insurance coverage for various travel-related incidents, including:

  • Lost baggage: Up to Rs. 1 lakh
  • Delayed baggage: Up to Rs. 25,000
  • Loss of passport: Up to Rs. 50,000
  • Lost ticket: Up to Rs. 25,000
  • Missed connection: Up to Rs. 25,000
  • Personal Air Accident Cover: Up to Rs. 25 Lakh


Before applying for the IndusInd pinnacle credit card you should ensure that you fulfill below eligibility criterias:

Your income/ITR should be:

  • For salaried individuals: ₹ 10 lakh per annum
  • For self-employed: ₹ 12 lakh per annum

Documents required for application:

  • KYC Documents: PAN card, Aadhaar card, and photograph are mandatory.
  • Other acceptable address proofs, in case your communication address varies from Aadhaar Card, are voter’s ID, driving license, passport, etc.
  • Income Documents
  • For salaried individuals:
    • Last 3 month’s bank statement
    • Last 3 month’s salary slip or other bank’s credit card details.
  • For self-employed individuals:
    • Latest copy of ITR or other bank’s credit card details.


IndusInd pinnacle credit card offers respectable rewards and benefits for a premium credit card. However, there are certain aspects of its rewards program, such as the 0.7% cashback rate for online expenses like utility bills and rent payments, which might leave some cardholders wanting more. It’s worth noting that IndusInd could have potentially provided a higher cashback rate, say 2%, with a reasonable cap to prevent misuse, which would have been more appealing to users.

When compared to cards like Amazon Pay ICICI or Flipkart Axis, the Pinnacle credit card falls behind in terms of rewards. These competitors offer more attractive rewards programs. Therefore, the main differentiators for the IndusInd Pinnacle card are its redemption options and lounge access benefits.

One advantage of the IndusInd Pinnacle credit card is its lack of an annual fee, making it accessible for cardholders at an effective cost of Rs 2700. Additionally, cardholders can take advantage of occasional spending offers, especially during the festival season, which can enhance the overall value of the card.

In conclusion, while the IndusInd Pinnacle credit card may not be the leader in terms of rewards when compared to certain competitors, its unique benefits, lack of an annual fee, and occasional promotions make it an appealing choice for those seeking a premium card.


What is the renewal fee for the IndusInd pinnacle credit card?

There is no renewal fee for this credit card.

What is the interest rate for this card?

The credit card carries an interest rate of 3.83% per month or 46% per year.

How to apply for the IndusInd pinnacle credit card?

Currently, IndusInd bank has paused the application for this card.

What is the customer care number for IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit Card?

The IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit Card customer care number is 1860 267 7777.

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